Eponine and Cosette Modern AU

Cosette stirs, blinking sleep from her eyes, and moves to sit up when the arms around her waist tightens. She smiles, warm and exhausted, and turns to see a mass of brown waves across the pillow. 

The figure mumbles something incoherently, and Cosette brushes back the soft locks to see Eponine staring at her accusingly. “You’re moving around too much. It’s too early.” 

Cosette grins and leans down, pressing a gentle kiss to Eponine’s mouth just as the woman fists a little at her thin nightshirt. 

"How about I make us some coffee?" Cosette asks once she pulls away, and Eponine pouts. 

"How about you stay here with me and we sleep for a couple of more hours." It isn’t a question, and Cosette is already being pulled down. “Enj isn’t expecting us at the cafe until noon." 

Cosette hums and nods in agreement and allows herself to be lulled back to sleep with Eponine’s soothing touches. 

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